Amazing Benefits Of Steaming On Face

How to steam your face to enjoy the best results

Pamper your skin with steam replete with essential oils, herbs to enjoy an improved look and feel of your face. Take care of your skin today to prevent future problems with wrinkles, acne, pimples, etc.

Facial steaming is the best way to unwind while also promoting clean, moist, and healthy facial skin.

Process of facial steaming

Traditionally, facial steaming was done with the help of a hot water bowl, but now various steamers are available in the market at an affordable price. Either you take steam with the steamer or hot water bowl, results will be equally good.

To initiate facial steaming, you need the following goods:

A large size bowl

A large size towel

Purified hot water

Essential oils/herbs 

Boil the water and pour it into the bowl.  

Add essential oils/herbs of your choice to the water. 

Bring your face over the bowl and cover your face and bowl with a large size towel to keep the steam inside. Slightly move your face in all the directions to have steam properly all over your face. Steam your face for about 5-8 minutes. After facial steaming wipes your face with a soft face towel and gently rub moisturizer on your face.

Things to keep in mind, while facial steaming

  • Have a glass of water before facial steaming
  • Wash your face before facial steaming
  • Always maintain the distance of at least 15 centimeters between water and your face. Increase the distance, if required but be comfortable.
  • People with sensitive skin should not steam for more than 5 min. People with dry skin and any skin disease should limit the steam session to 2 minutes only. 
    Check with your doctor if you have any skin disorder or you have an inflammatory skin condition.
  • Keep your eyes closed while steaming to avoid the risk of irritating your eyes.
  • Do not take steam daily, take steam once a week.
  • In case of using a facial steamer, do read the instructions given in the booklet.

Benefits of facial steam

Deep Cleansing

Steam Opens up your pores to deep clean your skin. Facial steaming releases dead skin cells, impurities, toxins to prevent your skin from acne and pimples. It also softens your blackheads which can easily be removed from your skin. Facial steaming is the natural process of skin detox that revitalizes and renews skin cells.

Improved blood circulation

Facial steaming boosts blood circulation that increases the blood flow to naturally nourish your skin. Increased blood circulation promotes collagen production that makes your skin firm, healthy, glowing, and youthful.

Skin Hydration

Facial steaming hydrates the skin that results in increased oil production that naturally moisturizes the face.

Effective absorption of skincare products

Skin absorption capacity increases at a higher temperature than enables better absorption of skincare products applied on your face. Effective absorption of skincare products provides better results.

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Prevents aging

Exposure of skin to toxins, pollutants reduces its ability to retain moisture. Lack of moisturizer causes wrinkles that steal your youth. Facial steaming restores youthful, clear, and fresh skin.

Facial steaming has numerous potential benefits of cleaning, hydrating skin, and relaxation.

The addition of natural herbs and essential oils in the water provides you with a whole different level of tranquility.

Proper skin care provides numerous social and mental benefits. Looking beautiful is the ultimate charm of everyone. Feeling good about yourself keeps you mentally and physically fit and fine.

Make facial steaming part of your routine to stay healthy and beautiful.

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