Winter Skin Care Routine

The onset of winters reminds us to combat itchy dry skin. 

The chilling winters rob the natural beauty of your supple skin, leaving it itchy and dry. Your slight negligence can wreak havoc on your skin. Enjoy the winter chills by just switching your skincare regimen. With a few simple habits, keep your skin vibrant and smooth even in harsh winters.

To retain your skin radiance, ensure your skin remains hydrated and moist. How to keep your skin moist, healthy, and radiant when the temperature is dipping? Here are a few steps to keep your skin intact during winters.

Protect your skin with Sunscreen 

It is crucial to wear sunscreen year-round. Sometimes we feel sunscreen is used only in summers, but wearing sunscreen during winters is equally important. We should prioritize wearing sunscreen even if it is cold, cloudy, and rainy as it helps to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Skin exposure to UV rays causes wrinkles, patching, aging, reduces skin firmness, and uneven skin tones. 

Stay Hydrated for supple skin During winters

Despite applying winter care creams and moisturizers, your skin can feel dehydrated because we generally feel like a hot drink and forget to drink water. To maintain healthy skin, it is essential to drink a lot of water. It will not only give you soft skin but also avoid early signs of aging.

Shower with lukewarm water

A hot shower during winters seems therapeutic to most people but we hardly think about its impact on our skin. 

A hot shower zaps the moisture of your skin leaving your skin itchy, dry, and red. 

It is good to turn down the temperature of your water. Use lukewarm water to have a relaxing experience along with good skin. 

Don’t forget to wear moisturizer after showering to maintain the natural balance of fats, oils, and proteins.

Select Skincare products wisely

Winters require additional skincare, so you should make slight changes in your skincare routine. 

It is crucial to find the right product with the right ingredient to cater to your winter needs. However, the selection of the product should be based on your skin type. So, it is essential to understand your skin type.

If your skin is prone to acne, you may use salicylic acid-infused face wash and glycerin ceramides -infused moisturizer along with some hydrating serums. For sure, You should avoid products that contain alcohol and sulfate.

Follow a nighttime routine 

Just like in day time your skin also breathes during the night that’s why you should ensure some nourishment for your skin right before bedtime. Wash gently exposed parts of your skin and apply night cream.

Your lips need serious care

Your lips are the first ones to reflect the signs of dryness because the lips lack oil glands and cannot produce natural oils for themselves. Hence the effects of winters are accentuated on our lips, 

To avoid flakiness and excessive dryness, apply oils like coconut oil, petroleum jelly, or even antiseptic creams. All of these things are easily available in every household.

Maintain a healthy diet

Just wearing skincare products won’t do wonders, you also have to integrate seasonal fruits and vegetables into your diet for healthy skin. Fresh fruits and vegetables like apples, avocado, almonds, carrots, tomatoes, etc are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants which are essential for healthy skin. No need to worry about a particular fruit and vegetables, enjoy whatever is easily available. Enjoy your healthy food and your skin will also glow.


With meditation, you can give your mind a calm gentle time devoid of all thoughts. Meditation balances your body and mind and introduces a feel-good factor. Your skin also gets rejuvenated because your skin is a mirror to what’s going on inside of you. Meditation also slows down aging and wrinkles. So, don’t be lazy during winters, make meditation part of your routine.


Lazying around under a cozy blanket is unmatched fun due to how effortless it is, but your body needs activity to function properly. The dip in temperature makes it difficult to stick to the regular workout routine. But we should understand regular exercise can help to ward off various skin problems. Exercise also releases endorphins which help light up your mood and if you feel good your skin will feel good.

It’s fairly common to have dry, flaky skin in the winter, which affects not only your face but also your hands, feet, and other exposed regions. If you feel that your dry skin isn’t improving with at-home solutions, consult your doctor for the best treatment options.

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