Face Yoga for Glowing Skin

Face Yoga!! What is it and What’s in it for me??

To whoever you are, you have landed on this page for one of these reasons. You are either very specific about your beauty routine or the one who has no time at all to accommodate any of it and are looking for shortcuts. You are either here to notch up your regime or someone who might have read or heard about this buzz word these days “face yoga” and want to know more, and to see what’s in it for you. Right?

I am no expert in Face Yoga nor am I a Yogi who can tell you exact exercises for a youthful face but I am definitely someone who is a tiny bit particular about my skin regime and thus end up reading and knowing a little more than an amateur. Having said that, I’m sure you will learn something more about Face Yoga in this blog and will go back with a some more knowledge than what you landed up with, on this page.

Do you know Face Yoga is not of GenEx, it’s been there since the ancient times! But unfortunately this information wasn’t passed through the proper channels and thus we or our previous generations don’t carry that wealth of knowledge back in this Era. A very simple introduction of Face Yoga is that it exactly does the same to your face what yoga does to your body. Not sure how many of you know this (and I literally just googled it) but Human face has around 42 individual facials muscles, now one exercise will not help solve all your problem areas, so we are going to take baby steps and see some common face yoga practices that can help cover most of your problem areas.

Let me point out one of the most common mistakes we all do, knowingly or unknowingly, SLOUCHING. Now that not only damages your overall body posture but also causes your face to sag. Let’s see a simple exercise to improve that posture and the damage it has already done to your face. Take your hands back, interlock your fingers and open up your chest. Now slowly take your hands away from your body while breathing in and out and keep that going for a minute, before you come back to your normal posture, straight one not slouchy. Now repeat it thrice a day to see visible results. 

Also don’t forget, face isn’t just the only thing to focus on, you NECK actually shouts out your real age, it’s like your facial passport.  Let’s see what we can do to make sure it doesn’t give out an age to embarrass you. Here is one exercise you can put in your daily schedule. Stand up, look straight, put the tips of your fingers at the bottom of your neck, now very lightly stroke your skin downwards while tilting your head back. Now bring your head towards your chest, take it back again in straight position and repeat this thrice. Remember, by doing these exercises you are actually strengthening your muscles and that is how you get rid of the signs of ageing.

Now you might be thinking what if these exercises actually create reverse effects and create unwanted wrinkles or frown lines? Not actually! I am not the one saying it but as per a study conducted by Northwestern Medicine’s Feinberg School of Medicine, USA, the actual result of face exercise results into fuller cheeks as the muscles you are working on are growing in size and that added muscle growth adds more volume and definition to your face which counter attacks the drooping and sagging and thus making you look younger.

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What are you still thinking about? Go ahead, start by looking for those videos on YouTube which are posted by experts, which shows you step by step of each Face Yoga exercise. You even have multiple Apps by some famous Face Yoga Gurus (again google them and choose wisely) who have these weekly or monthly programs which you can join. But before all of that, do try to follow the exercises we have mentioned in this blog, if not a lot this will certainly help solve some of the most common issues with face ageing. So, stop thinking and start moving those muscles!

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